On Silverhill              Jewelry with Intention

Jewelry, and in particular bracelets, have always been signature “me” – I wear several bracelets every day, stacking them and finding meaning and comfort in them. Some have been gifts from loved ones, some were purchased in special places, and some remind me of a specific time in my life that was important and to be celebrated. This daily act of putting on my bracelets starts my day and sets me on my path to success and happiness.

With On Silverhill, I am taking my love of unique and beautiful jewelry, coupling it with my creativity, innovation and energy, and sharing it with you. Whether you are buying a gift for a friend, a family member or my favorite – a gift “to you, from you”, I hope you know how much care, thought and passion went in to making each special, handmade piece.

Silverhill is a real place, but it’s also a state of mind – it’s a place where creativity flows freely, where nature inspires and one’s true self shines. I hope that you find that my work On Silverhill reflects this and that you love your jewelry as much as I loved making it for you. #onsilverhill


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